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FlimfanJanuary 12, 2022

Aftermath (Season 1) Storyline:

Aftermath (2016 TV Series): The series follows the Copeland family, a couple and their three young adult children, as they battle to survive as natural calamities, followed by the rise of supernatural entities, bring society to a halt. The Copelands begin their voyage in North Pasco, Washington, and travel in an RV to Yakima, hoping to escape disasters, deceitful humans, and otherworldly freaks wandering the region.

When society approaches its cataclysmic end, the Copeland family survives, but what will the new world be like? It turns out to be terrifying, with otherworldly monsters, tremendous storms, and a pandemic among the many challenges that the Copelands must face while dealing with the fast deterioration of the new civilisation surrounding them. Patriarch Joshua’s knowledge of different cultures comes in helpful when it comes to assisting his family in surviving in the new world, while wife Karen, a former Air Force pilot, uses her fighting abilities and survival training to defend her loved ones.

Aftermath (Season 1) Review:

Many other commenters have already explained how horrible it is, so I won’t go into detail. Accept it – it’s a terrible situation.

But… it’s so terrible that it’s hilarious in a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kind of way. You just have to sit back and attempt to guess which way the next ridiculous storey fork will go. Will the family be foolish enough to accomplish what the storey suggests, or will they exhibit some rare evidence of above-70-IQ intelligence? Oh, the “clever” daughter is about to say something… How many distinct physical laws will her proclamation break? Oh my, a giant nasty is heading straight for “mom”… Will she squander it, argue with it, or flee?

Whatever occurs, odds are it will make little sense and will elicit laughing along the lines of, “Who gave these guys money to produce this?” and “Perhaps I can get on the gravy train?”

Aftermath (Season 1) ScreenShots:

🔥Aftermath (Season 1) Download Links🔥

Episode 1 – “RVL 6768”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 2 – “In Rats Alley”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 3 – “In Our Empty Rooms”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 3 – “In Our Empty Rooms”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 5 – “A Clatter and a Chatter”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 6 – “Madame Sosostris”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 7 – “What the Thunder Said”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 8 – “Here Is No Water but Only Rock”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 9 – “The Barbarous King”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 10 – “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 11 – “Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 12 – “Now That We Talk of Dying”DOWNLOAD NOW
Episode 13 – “Whispers of Immortality”DOWNLOAD NOW

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