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FlimfanAugust 9, 2022

RJ Antara, who works in an FM Radio, is loved by the entire Ahmedabad because of her energetic voice and good attitude. She is against love and relationships initially and tells her boss K (Krishna) that she would never fall in love. The day she was awarded the youngest RJ achiever award because of her contribution to the Radio, Aditya, a rich business man, who was stuck in heavy traffic observed Antara helping in clearing the traffic and got attracted towards her. In the award ceremony, Antara met Aaditya, where he befriended her. Gradually, they became best friends and Aditya genuinely wanted to see her happy. Their friendship was rumored in news magazine as a love story, and her boss K (Krishna) regularly teased her because of that. Once Antara gets a call from Swati, who asked her what to answer as her boyfriend Sagar, who was going to propose her on Valentines Day. Sagar already got rejected by 23 girls, yet he was optimistic about someone agreeing on him. Antara asked Swati to listen to her heart and breakup with Sagar if she is not happy and doesn’t see any future with him. Convinced, as a result, Swati rejected Sagar’s proposal and broke up with him. This disheartened Sagar to a great extent. He is somehow consoled by his father. Later, when Sagar learns that it was because of Antara’s advise that Swati rejected him, he decided to take revenge on her by following her to the Diu Trip and taking photos with her and publishing them as a romantic affair in order to ruin Antara’s reputation. He along with his friend,who is a photographer, learns about Antara’s Diu trip and boards the same bus which she boarded. Sagar manages to initiate his talks with Antara and befriends her. However, Sagar falls in love with her as he starts spending time with her in the trip. He asked his friend to avoid posting the photos until he tells him to do so. Antara also secretly felt for Sagar and she knew Sagar also felt for her. However, once when she is invited by Sagar for a birthday party at his home, she goes to Sagar’s room and finds the pictures of her trip with Sagar in his laptop and understood that he was using her for some motive. This makes her angry and hurts her. She understands that Sagar doesn’t love her, but was just using her to become famous. When she left the party, Sagar tried to stop her and revealed about his anger on Antara when he learns that her advise forced Swati to reject him. Antara realised that Sagar had planned a revenge and this hurt her even more. She told Sagar not to talk with her henceforth. – Wikipedia


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